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Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are a major problem in Melbourne homes and businesses. They carry germs and diseases and have the potential to destroy homes by biting through electrical cords and starting fires. Don’t risk the safety of your property, business and family.

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Some spiders are harmless, but many others in Australia are deadly killers – can you tell the difference? Call Copley Pest Solutions now to have your property professionally treated against these dangerous and unwelcome pests.

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If you have a cockroach infestation the safety of your family, visitors and even business is at risk. Copley Pest Solutions has access to the latest treatments and techniques. Call us now to rid yourself of these disgusting little pests.

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Ants, termites, bed bugs and many other types of insects are common invaders of Melbourne homes and businesses. Copley Pest Solutions is able to treat for all types of insects. Contact us now to discuss your particular circumstances and arrange for a free quote.

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